Help us undertake a skills audit

Area of opportunity: Consultation
Opportunity description:

We are going through a period of change and expansion and we want to better understand (and utilise!) the skills within our staff and volunteer teams. We are looking for someone with experience of skills audits to help us with the design and roll out to staff.

We would like someone to:

- Meet with a staff member from our senior team
- Help us to design and plan the skills audit
- Support us to analyse the results (if you have 2 days available)

We will make sure you have:

- A face to face meeting with us at our lovely centre to brief you on the task and to give you a tour
- A space where you can meet with the relevant staff members
- A desk space and access to a PC/laptop, if you would like to work on the task from our Centre
- A named staff member as your point of contact, whilst you are working on this task

You will have the chance to:

- Share your HR or people management knowledge to make a difference
- Work together with our friendly and welcoming team
- Spend time in a unique environment and learn more about permaculture and gardening

Where will volunteering take place?

- Initial briefing meeting either on the phone or face to face at the centre
- You can choose to work remotely on the task from home or work, or we can provide you with a desk space at our centre
- Phone call or meeting to feedback on the skills audit design and to share your thoughts on the analysis (if you have 2 days available)

Difference this will make to the group:

- Understanding the skills we have available within our team will help us to work more efficiently and more effectively.
- Staff and volunteers will feel motivated and valued in their roles.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
2 days