Map activities (and opportunities) across Manchester!

Area of opportunity: Administration
Opportunity description:

We would like from you:

- Research skills to search for activities across Manchester and fact checking, then recording the details so we can connect someone to it e.g. Walking Football in Harpurhey, Mondays 6pm, Free, Open to all. Email/website/contact number, venue…

We will make sure you have:

- Support and information on what we would like to know and why, examples of what we’re looking for.
- Feedback on how this information has been used e.g. via case studies of anyone who connects to the activity.
- Work space and resources required

You will have the chance to:

- Find out what activities there are and make a difference to sharing information about them
- Find out more about Breakthrough UK and the work that we do
- Work together with our friendly team

Difference this will make to the group:

Having a list of up to date opportunities mean when we meet an isolated disabled person we can let them know their options and they can choose an activity that they’re interested in. This gives us more time to recruit participants and work with them and volunteers directly. We will have a better chance at connecting someone to an activity as soon as possible. It also highlights gaps in provision e.g. accessible weekday sports activities in Moston for example.

Minimum commitment
half day
Ideal commitment:
2 days