Can you help us to take steps towards becoming paperless? - Remote

Area of opportunity: Administration
Opportunity description:

*This opportunity can take place remotely.

As part of our work we run a youth club. We currently have paper registration forms but we would like to move to electronic.

We would like someone to:

- Advise us on the best way to store this information electronically
- Support us to create an electronic registration form
- Talk us through how to use it.

We will make sure you:

- Have information about what is required in terms of GDPR and information fields.
- Someone available to answer questions and support the process

You will have the chance to:

• Share your skills and experience!
• Learn about the work we do.
• Shape the career paths of young people

Difference this will make to the group:

This support will help us in a few ways. It will allow us to take another step towards becoming paperless which is contributes to improved information safety and it’s good for the environment! Having this information stored electronically will also allow us to access it from multiple locations and will support us in evaluation and funding applications.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
2 days