Can you help a young person get a better understanding of the world of work? - Remote

Area of opportunity: Other
Opportunity description:

*This opportunity can take place remotely.

We work with young people as part of our NEET programme (not in education, employment or training) and would like opportunity for a young person/ a group of young people to get a better understanding of the world of work.

Could you/and your employer:

- Provide the opportunity for a group of young people to find out more about your area of work?
- Answer questions about what you do, the skills you need and how you found your way to this position?

We will make sure you:

- Have information about what is required, how many young people, support to arrange
- Someone available to answer questions and support the process
- Have someone available to accompany the young people or be present at the session if held at our centre

You will have the chance to:

• Share your skills and experience!
• Learn about the work we do.
• Shape the career paths of young people.

Difference this will make to the group:

The young people we work with on this project aren’t currently in employment, education or training. Hearing from someone about their career path and what their role involves may spark interest in a particular area and allow them to become more informed about different roles available and the steps they might need to take to get there.

Minimum commitment
half day
Ideal commitment:
1 day