Skill Givers has short-term volunteering opportunities (often 1 day) to support voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises in ways they really need!

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Employer supported volunteering

The Skill Givers project works with local community and voluntary groups, charities and social enterprises who support their community. The project tries to make the most of the employer supported volunteering on offer, by providing opportunities for individual employees to use their professional or personal skills to complete a task that will really make a lasting difference to a group. These tasks will often take place over one day and will support groups to improve their offer and their sustainability within the community. 


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If your employer has signed up to the Skill Givers project you can register to get involved. If you aren’t sure if your employer is registered please contact the Skill Givers Project Coordinator.


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Why get involved?

  • It’s a great way to learn more about what’s available in different areas and about the amazing work going on in the community.

  • There are lots of different short-term (usually 1 day) opportunities to get involved in so you could support more than one cause depending on how much volunteer leave you get.

  • Research has shown that employees taking part in employers supported volunteering report and increase in skills, confidence and overall wellbeing.

  • You have the chance to make a real difference to the community. By supporting a group with your skills you will be helping them to build their capacity which may mean that they are able to offer their services to even more people!

  • You have the chance to develop skills that you use in your current role and learn new ones – both will support your individual progression.

  • You might make new friends, find a new interest or hobby!

  • You can have the chance to help us to develop the project. If you have any ideas, or there are any roles that you would like to do that aren’t on our website, we would be happy to hear from you. We want to make the project the best it can be and as easy as possible.


How does the project work?

When your employer signs up to the Skill Givers project you can register and create an account to view the volunteering roles we have available. How long you can volunteer for will depend on how much time is given to you by your employer. 

Who are the groups that you will support?

The groups involved in the project are local voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises, who support their community across Manchester and Salford. We carry out all reasonable checks to ensure that the groups that opportunities are from are charities or not-for-profit organisations with a social aim that fits the aims of the Skill Givers project. For more information about the project and it’s aims please see the about us section of the website.


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