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Could you help us raise awareness of Sitting Volleyball?

Area of opportunity: Marketing
Opportunity description:

Since starting up in September 2018, we have had some good successes including competing in 2 national tournaments and providing opportunities for people to stay fit, active, and join in competitive sporting challenges. We would like to reach out to more local people, who might enjoy participating in Sitting Volleyball, but who may not be aware that we exist!
We would like someone to:
• help us take a look at our current situation – how we currently advertise and share what we do?
• help us to define our target audiences
• research/suggest ideas of how we can reach out to these audiences and tell them what we do.
• help us to create a timeline of work that is manageable.
• summarise ideas/work done if it can’t be completed during the volunteering time so we can pass it on to someone else to continue if needed.
We will make sure you:
• Have a consultation about what we need, the work we do and what we would like to achieve.
• Have someone available to answer any questions you may have.
• Background information about Sitting Volleyball and our members’ experiences

You will have the chance to:
• Share your skills and experience!
• Learn about the work we do
• Use your marketing know-how in a different context
• come along and watch a Sitting Volleyball game (if you’d like to)!

Difference this will make to the group:

In September 2018 we set up a Sitting Volleyball team primarily for those who are still ‘active’ but may be restricted through physical injury or impairment. . We have had a good response but would like to expand what we do and get more people involved. Having support to raise awareness will let people know what is on offer and in turn improve the wellbeing of more members of the community through increased participation.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
2 days