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Help us to create spreadsheets to manage information

Area of opportunity: Administration
Opportunity description:

Our “More-4-Less Food Club” aims to help local households in the Ordsall area by providing a food basket of up to 10 different items for membership of £2.50 per week. The food comes from FareShare and is food that would otherwise be wasted.

We need to improve how we manage contact details and financial information for the Club and are looking for someone who can create spreadsheets to help us manage information – for example, people’s contact details and the Club’s finances.

We would like someone to:

- Create a spreadsheet to help us manage contact details
- Create a spreadsheet to help us manage financial information about the Club
- Help us to understand how to export or collate information for use in reports.

We will make sure you have:

- A face to face meeting or phone conversation where we share information about our work and brief you on the task
- The chance to come and look around our centre
- A named staff member as your point of contact, whilst you are working on this task.

You will have the chance to:

- Share your skills and give back to the community
- Work together with our friendly and welcoming team
- A point of contact throughout the time you are working on this task.

Difference this will make to the group:

This support will:

- Help our Food-4-Less club run efficiently and ensure we offer a high standard of service
- The spreadsheets will reduce the time we need to spend on admin and reporting and enable us to focus on providing a great service
- Make the busy Food-4-Less club run with ease.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
1 day