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Help us make a 30 year old building as smart as you are!

Area of opportunity: Other
Opportunity description:

Joined up thinking, smart systems, building integrations, intuitive environments... oh how we love the possibilities! We are actively developing new systems and ways of working as our charity grows and scales. We know we can time our lights, regulate our heating, and put in place sensible measures. But we also know we can do so much more.

We would like from you:
- An open mind.
- A sound level of experience in building management solutions.
- A consultation on our energy management programme.
- A report with recommendations on our best solutions and key considerations.

We will make sure you have:

- A friendly welcome.
- An introduction to our work so that you understand more about what we do, our vision and goals.
- Space to work in our building and regular brews.
- A member of our team available to talk on the phone or face to face and to work together with you.
- Feedback about our experience of working together with you, which can be shared back with your employer, if you wish.

You will have the chance to:

- Share your knowledge and skills to help us grow roller sports in Manchester!
- Try out skating with us (you can bring your family along too, if you want).
- Understand our project and how roller sports work.
- Receive updates after you finish volunteering, so you can learn more about the impact your time and skills have had.

Difference this will make to the group:

Having this support will make a difference in a number of ways. It will:

- Enable more people to access and experience skating and roller sports in Manchester.
- Build membership of our sports teams so they continue to grow and succeed.
- Support us as we transition to owning our own building and creating a dedicated centre for roller sports.
- Help us to work more effectively and expand knowledge and skills within our team.

Minimum commitment
half day
Ideal commitment:
1 day