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Video and Photography

Area of opportunity: Graphic design
Opportunity description:

We need someone who’s confident using a camera and video camera to help us create a bank of photographs and video clips of our training sessions and on Matchdays. We are able to provide the equipment you need.

We would like from you…

 For you to come along to a training session and record video footage of activities (that we can use royalty free in the future)
 Take photos of our teams in action (that we can use royalty free in the future)
 Edit the footage into clips that we can use on social media and on our website

We will make sure you have…

 A face to face meeting with us to understand more about The Rugby College
 A named contact on the day that you are filming/taking photos
 An introduction so that people who are participating in activities know who you are and why you are there
 Plenty of tea and biscuits!

You will have the chance to…

 Use your film/photography skills to help us promote our courses
 Learn more about how The Rugby College changes people’s lives and meet some of the young people involved
 Come along to one of our training sessions to see our teams in action

Difference this will make to the group:

We will have a bank of photos and video clips that we can use to create engaging content on social media and to help demonstrate the impact of what we do. We hope that this will help to increase the reach of our work so that more young people and a greater diversity of young people are aware of what we do and how to access our courses.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
1 day