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Social Media support

Area of opportunity: Marketing
Opportunity description:

We need someone to advise and guide us about how to make our social media posts attractive and engaging and to help us reach a wider audience.

We would like from you…

 Review our existing use of social media platforms
 Guide and advise us about how to create engaging content
 Advise us about how to build our audience
 Help us understand how to make the best use of analytics data
 Create a short how to guide summarising tips and suggestions (time permitting)

We will make sure you have…

 A face to face meeting with us to understand more about The Rugby College
 A named person who you can speak to on the phone/by email whilst working on the project
 Access to information that you may need for this piece of work

You will have the chance to…

 Share your skills and experience!
 Use your social media know-how in a different context
 Learn more about how The Rugby College changes people’s lives and meet some of the young people involved
 Come along to one of our training sessions to see our teams in action (if you would like to)

Difference this will make to the group:

Creating more engagement via social media will help us to engage with a greater diversity of young people and raise awareness of the courses we offer and the benefits of participating in rugby.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
1 day