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Could you support us to review our policies?

Area of opportunity: Administration
Opportunity description:

Our policies are in need of updating and refreshing, particularly around data protection and health and safety.

We would like someone to:
- Review our current policy or policies (depending the time you have available) and make suggestions on where we need to amend or update.
- Talk through these changes with one of the team.
- If possible, with the information provided, provide us with an amended up-to-date version of the policy.

We will make sure you:
- Have a consultation about the work we do and provide a brief for what we need.
- Access to all the information you need.
- Have someone available to answer questions if needed.
- Have a space to work from if required.

You will have the chance to:
- Find out more about the work our charity does both at the centre and more widely.
- Share your skills!
- Meet new people.
- Gain a better understanding of the voluntary sector in the city.

Difference this will make to the group:

Greater Manchester Community Basketball is dedicated to providing opportunities for all sections of the community, regardless of ability, background, gender or age. This support will allow us to deliver our services confidently using the most up-to-date best practice. It will also give us a point to work from to schedule annual reviews.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
2 days