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Promotional film needed

Area of opportunity: Marketing
Opportunity description:

We would like someone to:
- Create a short film for us that will allow us to promote the work we do.
- Come along to some of our sessions to experience what we do and gather footage.
- Edit the footage into a short video for our website.

We will make sure you:
- Have a consultation about the work we do and are provided a brief for what we need.
- Have access to a good quality camera phone to use - we are happy for you to use more professional equipment if you have that available.
- Have permission to film those involved.

You will have the chance to:
- Find out more about the work our charity does.
- Share your skills and be creative!
- Meet new people.
- Support the project to grow and develop.
- Build your portfolio.
- Gain a better understanding of the voluntary sector in the city.

Difference this will make to the group:

Having a film that promotes the work of the charity will support us to showcase the work that we do online which we hope will increase participation. It will also be a useful tool for evaluation and funding requests to be able to continue the work we do with young people.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
2 days